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Katy Brown wearing red and purple wrap print wrap dress, smiling at the camera with her chin resting on her hand, sitting in a black and white cow print armchair.

Katy Brown,


gratuity-free hair 

for you & your busy life

"To put it quite simply, Katy is excellent. She is committed to her craft and clients, which is why clients like myself have been committed to her for many years. After every cut (and recently, color session), I feel more confident and happy with my hair and my overall look. Katy is my trusted hair confidante--she is able to pinpoint the best approach to get my hair to where I want it to be, explains the process, and answers any questions I might have along the way.


She is also a kind and cool person, as well as a great listener, so time spent with her is a fun and comfortable experience. Highly, highly recommend!”

Erin M, client


All services are based on an gratuity-free, hourly rate of $140


about me


If my 15+ years of experience have taught me anything, it’s that transparency cultivates great client relationships. Offering hourly-priced, gratuity-free services allows me to tailor your appointment to your exact needs. And because I never double-book, our time together is yours, which means staying on schedule for you and your busy life!


I’ve dedicated recent years to learning the science behind haircolor and products so that I can bring real expertise to you, not just the marketing gimmicks so prevalent in the beauty industry. My approach is different than most, and I believe I offer safer and longer-lasting services because of it! It’s my mission to help you discover your best hair practices with a maintenance schedule that keeps you looking and feeling great between appointments. 


Hope to see you behind the chair!

JRo the Studio

56 Wareham St,

Suite 208

Boston , MA 02118

Tuesday -


11:30am - 7:30pm

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